Weekend Getaway in Chicago – April 2017

For a combination of Valentine’s Day and my birthday my husband bought us tickets to see Aladdin at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago. And because we’ve been in desperate need of a vacation with no time to take a week long break, we decided to take a half day off at work and then spend the weekend away for the first time since our anniversary. So we drove a couple hours to the train station and then rode in to the city.

We stayed at theWit on State Street because it was close to the theater and the train station, but it was also relatively affordable. The staff was awesome. First of all we got cookies when we checked in. Had no idea that was a thing and they were warm and delicious. But I was really impressed when we came back from the show in the pouring rain on a chilling 40 degrees Saturday and one of the men at the concierge counter asked if I needed any towels or any cookies. He even offered me his jacket. I kindly declined but seriously impressed with the kindness of the staff. I wish I knew the man’s name because he was a peach. But besides the staff the room was nice and clean and the restaurant by the lobby was delicious for breakfast.

The show was also phenomenal. It was the first time I’d seen a big production (we go to a small dinner theater about once a year) since I saw Wicked in 2005 and it didn’t disappoint. Sure I was a little grumpy about being wet and cold but a little alcohol and a Kit-Kat made up for that. The cast was great, especially the Genie. It was just an overall good time for us.

Snapchat-972817293For dinner we went to Giordano’s and treated ourselves to a deep dish pizza. Well, we ate a couple slices and then we brought the rest of it home with us. It was worth the walk through the rain and wind. And it made for a tasty birthday dinner!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend any time there on Sunday before we headed home. One of my best friends is getting married so we caught a train early and raced home early to make it back for her bridal shower (check out my favors!). But we had a fun weekend and we hope to try again and actually spend some time in the city. We had so much fun that this is the only picture I have!


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