247A0142Hello! Megan here, formerly a Young and now a midwestern wife. Get it? My husband and I got married in September 2015 and it’s been an adventure ever since. We’re often found traveling, running the family business, or doing projects at home with our fur baby, Rosie. We just can’t seem to sit still!

I’ve had a love for art and design since I was kid. When I wasn’t at gymnastics practice there was a good chance you would find me with paper and markers or a craft set creating something “magnificent” for mom. As I got older I started to enjoy graphic design and started taking classes in high school. I even started studying it in college but switched majors when I discovered that I couldn’t draw a pinecone. I wasn’t cut out for the formal education I suppose but I still dabble in it from time to time. As for my penmanship it’s been award-winning since elementary school (like I got awards for it every year from my teachers because I was that cool). So I began hand-lettering and calligraphy as a hobby for myself when my husband and I bought a new house. Slowly but surely it’s becoming a small business and I’m so excited to share all my fun projects with you guys!

The Young Gone Wife is going to be my little side project outside my 8 to 5 work life. Where it’s going to take me is unknown, but my hope is to have a little fun sharing our adventures to new and old places and crafting to my little heart’s content. I’m starting small with this but I have tons of ideas that I think people are going to love. So stay tuned!


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