Wedding Door

20170609_075042.jpgI took on my first major lettering project for my best friend’s wedding. And honestly I was super nervous I was going to mess it up hardcore and make the first thing people see at her wedding look like trash. And what was more of a challenge was there was already some lettering on it that I had to match from someone else. I ended up filling in their names (obviously) with the date, the schedule and ALL 17 bridesmaid and groomsmen names. Talk about a cramping hand! Once I was done and had gotten ridden of all my lines and eraser marks to the best of my ability (because I was a rookie with this), I decided to throw their hashtag on in the blank space under the schedule and then put my drawing skills to the test to fill in the sides of the schedule. I’m not an artist by any means but I drew several different kinds of leaves and flowers along the side, sending them to the bride for her approval as I went but in the end I always erased them before I heard back. I finally ended up on Google looking at different ideas and finally ended up on this. I drew about six inches of it and sent her a picture and for whatever reason she told me she loved it. Score!

In the end I think it ended up nice. My fellow bridesmaids enjoyed it at the very least!



Succulent Party Favors

For one of my best friend’s bridal showers I inherited the job of party favors. And being the perfectionist and procrastinator I am (and let’s be real, these are a bad combination), I had to figure out the best thing to do and take my dear sweet time figuring it out so that I can literally cram the whole process in to a matter of a week. At least that was my intent. Lots of ideas were thrown around; custom M&Ms were a heavy favorite until finally we settled on the succulents. And then I waited. And then I backed out and thought about just doing some candies. And then like 2 weeks before the shower I decided to go back to the succulents because I became obsessed with the idea. Typical.

First I had to figure out where to find succulents and when you live in a small town you find out quickly that such things don’t really exist. So to the Internet I went! I did a lot of research to figure out where to get the best quality for quantity without breaking the bank and ultimately I chose Mount Crest Gardens. Ordering was super easy, they had lots of selection, and it was priced the best. Not to mention the customer service was awesome and the shipping was super fast. They shipped on Monday and I got them Wednesday. Perfect!

After I made my purchase came the dilemma of find pots small enough for two inch plants. I checked all the hardward/gardening stores and little pots didn’t exist. Feeling defeated I went to Walmart and BAM! Several boxes of little two inch terra cotta pots. I was ecstatic. So I have the pots, where do I go from here?

I ended up getting white spray paint and my awesome husband willingly painted them for me. From there I made the decision to buy little tags (square and round) and lettered thank you messages on them myself rather than buy fancy ones off Etsy. Plus it was a chance to get to use my new lettering skills so I couldn’t pass that up. It was a week of late nights and even an evening in a hotel room in Chicago but I’m pretty please with the simplicity of them and the overall result of the tags.

My next issue was how I was going to attach the tags. I figured I’d tie a cute little bow around the pots with a tag in them but ultimately that didn’t work because I didn’t have enough of the ribbon I wanted. I ended up having to buy something completely different and even then not being able to do what I wanted. So then it was panic time. I was literally crying at the kitchen table on my birthday panicking at getting them done before we left for Chicago a couple hours later. But surprise! Husband saves the day again and suggests we stick toothpicks in the soil and then the tag can hang on them. So then I decided to wrap the ribbon around the top of the pots for a little extra color and TADA! Bridal shower succulent favors. They were a hit. I think?


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